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2008-2012 Pinal Partnership Overview Downloads of PowerPoint and other presentations from
Pinal Partnership
*Member Picnic appreciation at SRP
*Committee Breakfast Appreciation at the Windmill February 21, 2014: Anthony Smith and Greg Stanley
*Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick Mixer at Be Dillon’s Casa Grande Presentation (PPT)
*Board of Directors work session by Kathy Parker
*Celebrate Arizona Event with Arizona Highways Economic Development (PDF)
*Solar Conference December 6, 2013: Elliot Pollack Presentation (PPT)
*Open Space Workshop Event CAC Coolidge
*New Committees and Committee Chairs  December 14, 2012: Elliot Pollack Presentation (PPT)
*The Treasurers of Pinal — Presentation & brochure created by Open Space Committee • Bi-laws revised
*Website completed and running  December 23, 2011: Elliot Pollack Presentation (PPT)
*Community Design workshops (10) with Sonoran Institute (15t completed and 2nd in planning stage)
*Letters of Support to Government/Legislative representatives for Rail Station
*Letter of Support for Luke Air Force base • Letter of Support for the Public Private Partnerships
*Letter of Support for the I-11 proposal
*Expanded Pinal Partnership visibility at the City, County and State levels
*Testimony regarding issues of Pinal Partnership Membership
*News Services — Editorial Boards — Articles — Filming — Speaking Engagement
*Day at the Diamondbacks
*Inaugural Golf Tournament
Pinal Partnership Highlights 2008-2012
*Pinal County Comprehensive Plan participation and modification
*Advocated for and got the North South Freeway into the EIS process with ADOT
*Still commenting and working on Zoning and Impact Fee Ordinances
*Change from Executive Director to President/CEO
*Added Staff – Vice President –
*Meet Your State Representatives” event – Government Relations Committee
*CAC Bond support
*East Valley SRP Forum, partnered with Valley Partnership
*Maricopa Bond Support
*Historic Florence Town Hall
*Pinal Partnership Brochure
*Web Site Initiated
*Pinal County Town Hall, Major Sponsor plus Scholarship
*T.I.M.E. Coalition representation
*Superstition Vista’s board representation
*Pinal Partnership Three Year Plan established
*Committee Planning Luncheon
*Board and Committee representation
*Pinal Partnership Newsletter
*Expanded the Board of Directors to 30
Pinal Partnership's Mission Improve research, planning and coordination of private and public efforts related to infrastructure, natural resources and community development in Pinal County.

P.O. Box 904, Florence, AZ 85132
Harold Christ, President & CEO:
Melissa Johnson, Executive Director:

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