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Johnson Utilities Rep Speaks at Board of Supervisors Meeting

Johnson Utilities Rep Speaks at Board of Supervisors Meeting


During the call to the public at the September 6th Pinal County Board of Supervisors, Brad Cole, representing Johnson Utilities L.L.C., gave an update on the air quality issues San Tan Valley residents have been dealing with.

Cole stated that an Order of Abatement by Consent was executed between Pinal County Air Quality and Johnson Utilities L.L.C., August 21st.  This action came after the Board of Supervisors studied a potential lawsuit against the utility company after numerous violations of the county’s Air Quality Control District Code of Regulations.  The  Order of Abatement by Consent is a negotiated settlement between parties intended to resolve violations, provide compliance, and avoid further litigation.  The Notice of Violations from June 2016 to June 2017 have been resolved with the signing of this agreement.

Since that date, Johnson Utilities L.L.C. has been in “complete compliance” with zero air quality violations reported.  Johnson Utilities L.L.C. has also started sending the county, air quality reports every Friday.


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