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Pinal Partnership moves forward with Basin Study

Pinal Partnership moves forward with Basin Study

by Pinal Partnership

Pinal Partnership is pleased to announce that the Eloy and Maricopa-Stanfield Basin Study has been selected for funding by the Bureau of Reclamation.  Basin Studies are a 50/50 cost share program, wherein Reclamation partners with entities with water management authority in the 17 Western States to evaluate water supply and demand imbalances in a changing climate and develop potential mitigation and adaptation strategies to meet future demands.  Specific to the Eloy and Maricopa-Stanfield Basin Study, Reclamation anticipates contributing federal funds in the amount of $680,000 toward the completion of the Basin Study, which is intended to match the contributions made by the remaining Basin Study partners. This will result in a $1.36 million regional water resources study of the two primary groundwater basins located in Pinal County, AZ.  The Basin Study was applied for by Pinal Partnership, through our Water Resources Committee, as a means to bring all its stakeholders together to work towards a better understanding of water resources within the county, and to work collaboratively to address issues that are identified.

“Basin Studies have been employed in numerous regions throughout the west, including two other sub-basins within Arizona, to bring together all the parties within a sub-basin that require a sustainable, long term solution to water resource needs,” said Ron Fleming, President of Global Water Resources and Co-Chair of the Committee.  “The working groups include water experts, service providers, agricultural districts, the development community, government agencies, Native American tribes, and others who work collaboratively with each other and the Bureau of Reclamation to implement a detailed, bottom-up approach to a large-scale, regional study. The strong collaboration and coordination among stakeholders will facilitate collection of information and data, promote planning between water sectors, and provide a platform to strategize holistic alternatives to address shortages and promote sustainable water management.”

Located at the center of the “Sun Corridor” between the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson, Pinal County is a region with significant opportunity. It has seen rapid population growth, and since 2000, the population within Pinal County has increased by over 120 percent. However, the economy of Pinal County remains primarily agricultural. This convergence, while also considering statewide water matters and concerns relate to climate change, presents numerous challenges for future water management in the study area.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with Reclamation on this important study for our region,” said Pinal Partnership President and CEO Harold Christ. “Pinal Partnership includes a broad range of members with diverse interests. This joint effort will compliment and build upon all the work that is currently ongoing within Pinal County as we all continue to work together to ensure the prosperity of all of our current and future citizens.”

For more information on the Basin Study, please contact Melissa Johnson at melissa@pinalpartnership.com or visit the Pinal Partnership website at www.pinalpartnership.com and click on the Water Resource Committee tab where a copy of the Letter of Intent and Basin Study Proposal are provided.


Pinal Partnership is a non-profit organization that works to improve research, planning and coordinating private and public efforts related to infrastructure, natural resources, and community development in Pinal County. Membership consists of over 140 stakeholder organizations, including numerous municipalities, governmental agencies, and entities owned by Native American communities. The Pinal Partnership Water Resources Committee (PP-WRC) focuses exclusively on water resource issues.  The goal of the PP-WRC is to develop and implement plans and recommendations to promote sustainable water use including conservation and best management practices for groundwater, surface water, and treated effluent, and to identify mitigation alternatives for times of shortage. Committee members include Global Water Resources, Arizona Water Company, Central Arizona Project, Salt River Project, Apache Junction Water, and the Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District, amongst others.

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Pinal Partnership's Mission Improve research, planning and coordination of private and public efforts related to infrastructure, natural resources and community development in Pinal County.

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