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Proposed Casa Grande theme park ride would shoot people through a ‘hypertube’ at 400 mph

Proposed Casa Grande theme park ride would shoot people through a ‘hypertube’ at 400 mph

by Heather Smathers | Casa Grande Dispatch

A possible attraction of the proposed Dreamport Villages has the backing of a Hollywood celebrity and could serve as a prototype to a revolutionary form of global mass transit, backers say.

The Velocitator Ride is a tube-like people mover similar to a monorail. The company behind the endeavor, Hyper Chariot, lists actor Matthew Modine as company president.

Hyper Chariot isn’t your typical amusement park sideshow, however. It’s a multimillion-dollar company with plans for extensive infrastructure to move people long distances in short periods of time. According to its website: “The Velocitator is the first step towards the 4,000 mile per hour version. It will take 18 seconds to reach 400 miles per hour at 1G of acceleration. Our plan is 5-10 years from now, you’ll experience 3 minutes of 1G acceleration to reach 4,000 miles per hour and break Mach 5, truly hypersonic.”


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