May 9, 2022

Job Path Tucson Presentation by Anna Greif

Program website:

  • Coaching staff removes barriers to completing studies
  • Funding to support students with unexpected expenses
  • Pima County/City of Tucson funded; Add’l funding this year by state to expand beyond Pima County to extended Southern Arizona region.
  • Counterpart in Maricopa: AZ Career Pathways
  • Focus on dislocated adults, avg age 35, with goal to engage high-school students, first generation college bound
  • Intake follows HUD guidelines for funding qualifications, average $1800-2000 per year
  • Reimbursement process with documentation funneled to debit card
  • 90% graduation rate; 85% get job within 6 month of graduation; avg income increase $40k, ROI 300%

Joel M. covered June 16th event which will have similar format to Nov. 21 Business, Education and Workforce Development Summit

  • Goal to educate Workforce Development Board, take advantage of work already being done in established partnerships
  • Pick up where deeper dive session left off, leverage resources to keep momentum
  • James Smith to give overview, Trevor Stokes update on analysis, Aaron Ball is sending representative; table topic exercises to follow lunch in the afternoon
  • Info collected for next action steps
  • Joel V. will send out editable document for feedback on table talk topics
  • Flyer for event at May 20th and June 10th PP Breakfasts; Joel minute at mic opportunity

Next meeting date is:  June 13th, 2022