On Tuesday, October 25 Committee Co-Chairs Rebecca Timmer of Wilson & Company and Richard Rosales of APS facilitated the Government Relations Committee Meeting. Guest speaker Warde Nichols, Executive Director of Community and Municipal Engagement at Arizona State University provided the group with an Upcoming Elections Update. Items discussed included:

  • Defined for our information the numbering system used for Props
    • 100’s are Constitutional amendments, whether initiated by the people or referred by the Legislature, are numbered in the 100s.
    • 200’s are Citizen initiatives to create new laws or amend current laws (statutes) are numbered in the 200s
    • 300’s are Legislative referrals to create new laws or amend current laws (statutes) are numbered in the 300s
    • 400’s are local ballot measures numbered in the 400s
  • To read non-partisan information on statewide propositions, it was suggested that you go to the Secretary of State’s website or use the Voter Information Pamphlet mailed directly to our homes.


  • Warde gave an outline for each of the Propositions that are on the ballot.
  • The Arizona Constitution currently provides that if an initiative or referendum measure is approved by the voters, the following requirements (often referred to as “voter protection” or “Proposition 105” from 1998) apply: 1. The Legislature is prohibited from repealing the law. 2. The Legislature may amend or supersede the law (including diverting or repurposing monies in funds created by the law) only if the legislative action furthers the purpose of the law and is approved by at least three-fourths of the members of each house of the Legislature

Tony Smith provided a Prop 469 Update:

  • Formal opposition to Prop 469 by local car dealers has been via road signs displayed mainly in Casa Grande, AJ, Florence and Queen Creek.
  • Latest polling results are still showing favorable. Support for Prop 469 is doing better with Democrats than Republicans, and still holding in the 60s approval rating.
  • Basically, we’re in the last phase of the campaign with additional mailers, editorials, plus a virtual townhall this Sunday with Mayor McFarland and Mayor Wilson
  • PRTA is holding several information sessions on Prop 469 in various locations around the county.
  • Arizona Department of Revenue has met representatives from the county, PRTA and Pinal Partnership on opening discussions on refunding the TPT Tax that was collected during the last four years.
    • ADOR announced that 23,000 businesses are eligible for refunds. ADOR says this is a very heavy lift for them and is seeking help.
    • There has been some discussion with local legislators on legislation to re-direct any unclaimed money to the PRTA for the road system.
  • Link to PRTA Pinal Regional Transportation Authority | Home (pinalrta.org)

Tony also provided a Pinal Partnership Update:

  • Monthly Breakfast Programs:
    • October very successful with panelist showing the collaboration that is happening between mining/copper interests with the EV and green industries. Alluvian Corporation is installing fiber and broadband networks throughout the county and spoke on how they are supporting next gen communications needs
    • November 18th topic: Pinal County Real Estate Update
    • December 16th topic: Danny Court, Senior Economist from Elliot Pollack’s office will do the traditional 2023 forecast
  • Transportation and Economic Development Committees – Digital Map: Adding additional layers and assets. County has a viewer for Economic Development Committee members to see prototype. The tool should be ready for others to view late 2022 or early 2023.