Meeting Recap 3/13/23

Lucid Teacher Training Event 2/24/23 for CGESD Middle Schools Summary
o Workshops Review
 Lucid committed several high ranking executives, engineers and driving to support
 Momentum as Lucid team ready for next steps
 Teachers very excited to implement
o Next Steps
 Week of 20th board will meet to keep ball moving
 Aaron Ball will attend
 Compare existing STEM curriculum to what is missing
 Scale it to include other communities
 Rina will share video with Nikola for potential Eloy/Coolidge engagement
o Video link:

• Mobile App Development Contest
o Organization Connections
 Joel will provide flyer for posting to site soliciting ideas for real world app needs
 Rina can add to handout for 3/31 Pinal Partnership handout
o Ideas Submission
 Google app will work on Android
o Judges
 Rina will reach out to Airebeam, Cox, Alluvion and other new members to recruit judges

• COIL School (CGESD)
o Pathway Opportunity (regional model)
 Connect with PACE School to provide bridge from elementary to high school
o Volunteer Needs
 Band and PE staff shortages may require volunteers
 Revisit Experience Matters now under Lonestar Center for Philanthropy at ASU Senior volunteers who received stipends
 Lisa Swanson Art Mobile potential for community service/volunteer projects
 Terri Ackland for Robson Ranch band volunteers – Cara to send contact info to Joel
o Industry Connection
 AZ@Work pathway work with Aaron Moon may be revisited

• Summit 2023 Date Selection tentative October 27, 2023

• Youth Advisory Committee Quarterly Meeting Planning
o Statement of Problem (input)
o In school vs Out of School strategies (Input)
o Youth Formula Program Guidance Letter
o Communication to youth

Click Here for Priorities for Youth Workforce Document

• Items from Committee Members
o Discuss with Achieve Pinal low 8th grade math scores and solutions
 Math 20/20 program expansión in Pinal County a goal
 Looking for grants for trainer who is currently on the job
 Single and low double digit passing rates
 70 by 2030 goal in the works and needs additional funding
• Miami AZ had implemented in 2016 with 3 year program with positive results
 Joel will reach out to education forward and other groups
 Evelyn suggested Helios Foundation may fund
o Cara shared April 6th is CAC Math Competition for high schools